Thursday, 22 January 2009

3rd and 4th Assignment

3rd and 4th Assignment
2009-01-22 16:40

Your 3rd assignment is to gather photos of our country and organize them in a powerpoint presentation that should then be placed online through slideshare. This is due on 27th of January.

Your 4th assignment is simply to create a drawing on the Bomomo site, save it, name it, write a short text on it if you want, and then post it on your blog. This is due on the 3rd of February.

A vossa 3ª tarefa é recolher fotos do nosso país e organizá-las numa apresentação powerpoint, que deverá ser depois colocada online através do slideshare. A data de entrega é 27 de Janeiro.

A vossa 4ª tarefa é simplesmente aceder ao site Bomomo, criar um desenho, guardá-lo, dar-lhe um nome, escrever um pequeno texto sobre ele se quiserem, e depois colocá-lo no vosso blog. A data de entrega é 3 de Fevereiro.

Change of Blogging Space

Since the blog provided by the ZarcoEnglish website doesn't allow commenting on each post I have decided to move our blog to blogger. Feel free to leave me some feedback. :)