Monday, 22 March 2010

9th Assignment - Theater, April Fools Day & Easter

For this assignment I have chosen to give each class separate tasks. So be careful and make sure you do the correct tasks.

8th GRADE - Due on the 24th of March
- Visit the Connectors blog. Our spanish friends have left us a couple of messages. Please read and answer them. You won't be able to post directly, so e-mail me your answers and I'll post them myself.
- Our Turkish friends have challenged us to another celebration. This time it's Theatre Day. Visit the Celebrate You and Me Digitally  wiki to get an overview of what they propose us. Choose one of the tasks or as many as you want.

- Create a class magazine. Each one of you is responsible for writing an article. You all know what you have chosen to write about, so just e-mail me your article when you're done, so I can put it all together on Issuu.
- Your 2nd task is about April Fool's Day. Visit the Celebrate You and Me Digitally wiki to see what we have prepared for you. Choose one or as many as you want.

9th GRADE - Due on the 26th of March
Your last assignment before Easter break! =)
Ana Maria, a wonderful teacher from Brazil, joined our wiki. Check out what she prepared for us. Visit the Celebrate You and Me Digitally wiki and choose one of the tasks.

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