Friday, 15 November 2013

3rd Assignment 2013/14

Ok guys, here are your next challenges. :)

When you're done, please, send me your work. If it's a link to your work online use the GoogleForm, if it's a file you created use DropitToMe.

Due on the 10th of December

1- Access our voicethread and do the tasks on page 11 and 12.

2- Christmas is just around the corner so let's spread some fun loving Christmas magic, shall we?
     Choose ONE of the following:
         a) Create a poster celebrating Christmas - you can use Glogster.
         b) Create a video holiday card - you can use Animoto or Goanimate.
         c) Create a wordsearch or a crossword with Christmas related vocabulary - you can use Wordsearchmaker , Wordsearch or Justcrosswords.
         d) Create a picture dictionary - you can draw it yourself or create it online using this Picture Dictionary
         e) Create a mindmap to share cool Christmas tree/house decorations, the presents you'd like to get, and some Christmas songs/movies - you can use Popplet.
         f) Create a short comic strip about Christmas - you can use Pixton.

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