Thursday, 5 November 2009

3rd Assignment

9th and 8th GRADE -  Due on the 17th of November

Great work on your Halloween task guys. However, I'd like to point out that some of you are falling a bit behind on your tasks. On the 9th of November check your evaluation sheets and make the necessary adjustments to your work.
For this next assignment you will have 2 different tasks:
- 1st
Access the other classes' blogs and comment on, at least, two from each class. Create a new message and post the names of the students and a link to their blogs. VERY IMPORTANT! Follow the rules!

The following rules apply to all posts and comments

- 2nd
We are going to create a video on animoto to post on the Multicultural Uniqueness wiki. So I need you to think of what makes Madeira unique. Choose a photo (3 at most) that you feel is representative of it and post it on your blogs along with a short sentence that answers the question: What makes Madeira unique?
If you don't own any photos that you feel will do Madeira justice, please use TagGalaxy, Compfight or Photl to get it. But be sure to name your source.

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