Wednesday, 21 October 2009

2nd Assignment - Halloween

9th GRADE - Due on the 30th of October 

Great work on your Wordles guys. Sorry Gizmoz let some of you down.
Now, for this next assignment you will be working in pairs. Here's what I want you to do:
- Gather information on the history of Halloween - the following links will help you : History of Halloween ; Ancient Origins; What is Halloween; Boo-ography Quizzes and Boo-ography Videos.
- Based on the information you collect, use either GoAnimate or Glogster to create a presentation about Halloween or use MyStudiyo and create your own quiz about halloween.

8th GRADE - Due on the 30th of October

Congratulations! You passed this 1st test with flying colours. You have made me proud. :)
You will be working in pairs for your next assignment. Here's what I want you to do:
- Visit Halloween from Around the World and choose a country. Gather information about how that country celebrates Halloween. Then use GoAnimate and create an animation where you present the information you gathered in a fun way.

Below you have a quick screencast on how to use GoAnimate.

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