Monday, 7 January 2013

4th Assignment

Lets get back into our ZarcoEnglish mood, shall we? ;)

8th Grade - Due on the 31st of January

           Up to you to explore and present to the class the vocabulary we will look into while dealing with the topic "food". Just choose ONE of the 4 mini tasks below:
1- Create a word cloud with relevant vocabulary. Create subtopics like: "Vegetables", "Fruit", etc. Use Wordle to do this.
2- Create a mind map displaying the relations between the words. Use Popplet for this one.
3- Create a video to practice vocabulary. Use text and images or record yourself. You can put everything together using Movie Maker.
4- Create a crossword or a wordsearch so you can test your colleagues' vocabulary skills. Use Wordsearch Maker and Just Crosswords.

           Now, this next task needs to be tackled by all of you. It's time you let your reading shine through. So this one is all about books, audiobooks to be precise. Visit StoryBee or Storylineonline and choose ONE audiobook. Listen and/or read the story and then choose one or two of the tools below to: briefly present the author; explain what you (dis)liked about the story and then retell the story or create a new version of it.

Tools you may use:
Tar Heel Reader

Happy readings!

9th Grade - Due on the 31st of January

1- Write a text about your addictions. Remember to structure your ideas so you actually create a text and not just loose sentences. Use this Essay Map to help you organize your paragraphs. Write your text using google docs and when you're done share the link with me by filling out this form -

2- Access the voicethread below and listen to what you're supposed to do. You can view it fullscreen HERE.

You may use the following tools:

You'll find some useful information HERE.
Use Sqworl to bookmark any other website you think is relevant for the task at hand. Use any of these image banks to get copyright photos.

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